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    Home In Immuno-Oncology Drug Discovery, Being Correct Is Everything
    In Immuno-Oncology Drug Discovery, Being Correct Is Everything

    Doing immuno-oncology drug discovery means there is almost always a desire for more and different data to drive decision-making on potential new therapeutic compounds. That was exactly the situation one of our Fortune 500 pharmaceutical clients found themselves in.

    What were they looking for?

    Access to a top notch, outsourced group" that can perform studies to provide the data necessary to drive decision-making on proof-of-concept oncology agents.

    Why did they choose PharmaLegacy?

    “PharmaLegacy convinced us they had all the right pieces in place – and did the important work to validate the models that we hoped to run.”

    What did they think of PharmaLegacy’s Immuno-Oncology Services?

    “The study they delivered on a very reasonable budget was top notch” and “the model was executed flawlessly.”

    To advance a compound from discovery to clinical, or to halt its development, is a huge and costly decision. For the benefit of you and your company, and for the well-being of patients in need of treatment, that decision needs to be based on correct information. Download the full case study and see why more major pharmaceutical companies are trusting PharmaLegacy for their preclinical immuno-oncology testing.

    Read the full case study and see what our clients are saying.
    Bonus material: 4 full pages of data from some of our many Humanized Mouse Models.
    Example data: Evaluation of PD-1/PD-L1 combination therapy in HCC827 humanized mouse model.
    MUCH more data and the full case study is in our immuno-oncology brochure. Download now.

    Some of the many reasons to partner with PharmaLegacy:
    300+ validated animal models
    Models spanning 40+ different diseases
    Non-human primate (NHP) studies conducted on-site
    Remote monitoring of operations

    Learn how PharmaLegacy can get the correct answers in your immuno-oncology studies.