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    Company Profile

    Human Metabolome Technologies (HMT) is a Japan-based biotechnology company developing capillary electrophoresis mass spectrometry (CE-MS) based metabolomics technologies and solutions to drive drug discovery, diagnosis, and food production. Their research and development methodology are at the heart of an emerging field of metabolomics and systems biology.

    HMT can identify more than 1,000 species of metabolites by the metabolome analysis technology using CE-MS. In addition, HMT developed an original software analysis platform along with the measuring technologies, such as CE-MS, LC-MS, and MS/MS, that they have newly developed for the realization of metabolome analysis. Furthermore, they aim to develop a faster metabolome analysis technology with higher sensitivity and higher efficiency in collaboration with the Institute for Advanced Biosciences (IAB), Keio University.

    HMT’s primary business aims to provide complete solutions for metabolome analysis in drug design, diagnostic technology, and food production, using a wide range of targets including human and animal samples — They are a full service metabolomic provider.


    HMT’s metabolomics approach is based on a notable history of academic research and scientific leadership. One of the co-founders, Professor Masaru Tomita, Ph.D., Director of IAB, is a recognized leader in computational biology and metabolomics who has carried out research on computer simulations of cellular metabolism for over 10 years. Professor Tomita co-founded HMT with Tomoyoshi Soga, Ph.D., Professor at IAB, who established the cutting-edge technology of CE-MS based metabolome analysis, the basis of HMT’s core technology. 

    Founded in July 2003, HMT successfully operates on a revenue-based growth model. The company has been awarded government funding from the New Energand Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). HMT has also established a number of partnerships, including Agilent Technologies, Inc., Mizkan Group Corporation, Ajinomoto, Co. Inc., and Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation.


    For more information about HMT, please visit http://www.tigermed.net