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    Jobs:Senior Director/Director, Oncology/Immuno-oncology
    Recruitment number : 1
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    Based Location: Shanghai, China or U.S.

    Employment Type: Full-time

    Key Responsibilities:

    Provide strategic, managerial, and scientific leadership in the area of preclinical efficacy models for oncology/immune-oncology. 

    Be responsible for strategy and implementation of activities, and is ultimately responsible for the quality of the work and its interpretation.

    Preparing and presenting podium presentation and posters at both national and international meetings;

    Be responsible for coordination of functional area responsibilities in the context of matrix project team environment.

    Establish models, timelines, and deliverables, and further develop a growing preclinical oncology models group into a highly-functional team.

    Directly supervise Study Directors for routine operations, including external studies and, as necessary, taking on Study Director’s role responsible for all duties involved.

    Actively involved in communication with internal stakeholders and external interaction with collaborators, including presentations to clients.

    Take important R&D leadership responsibilities of translational oncology initiatives in new cancer model development areas. This could involve proposing new scientific initiatives, R&D planning, experimental design, analysis and reporting.

    Lead a team and have responsibility to manage, mentor or train senior and junior scientists.

    Actively involved in scientific presentations.

    Stay abreast of latest scientific and technology advancements in the field.


    Ph.D. or advanced degree in fields directly related to Immuno-oncology.

    3+ years of postdoctoral training with a working knowledge of tumor immunology.

    3+ years of biotech/biopharmaceutical industry experience in immunology/immune-oncology is a must. 

    Demonstrated ability to guide groups through corporate change and growth.

    Interactive and collaborative approach; expert influence and conflict resolution skills are preferred.

    Excellent managerial and supervisory skills.

    Excellent oral presentation and communication skills.

    Good English skill, writing and speaking.

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